Affactionate Handmade Tent

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Raj Tents is a big brand in tent manufacturing company and they provide amazing tents to make your ceremony memorable, extraordinary and enduring. Basically Raj Tent for rent on affordable and cost-effective price in all over India.

Exclusive Handmade Tent- Exclusive Handmade Tent is big in size but installing and uninstalling process of this tent is very simple but time consuming. This tent is created by intelligent and capable craftsmen in which craftsmen has knowledge how to develop attractive, impressive and comfortable tent.

Exclusive Handmade Tent

Exclusive Handmade Tent is accessible from all sides and supported by four side poles or pillars inn which tent all poles are decorated by white color of canvas. The upper part of this tent like a temple and white color of canvas is used.

Features of Exclusive Handmade Tent-
•    Alluring and tempting border is used
•    The size of this tent is (3m X 3m and 4m X 4m)
•    This types of available in white color
•    It is waterproof and sunrays protected
•    Assembling process of this tent is uncomplicated

Royal Handmade Tent- Royal Handmade Tent is made by beautiful and smart colors of canvas and it is supported by designing poles. And this types of tent is openable from each sides and every sides have beautiful gate is used in this and designed with fascinating border.

Royal Handmade Tent
 Royal Handmade Tent is luxurious and spacious types tent which is used for huge gathering parties and celebrating every moments of your life. It is the place of peace and comfort. Generally red color of canvas is used in this tent and easy to install every plain surface areas. This is available in different sizes and design as per demand of clients.

Features of Royal Handmade Tent-
•    It is spacious and comfortable
•    All accessories, lighting track and decoration is very smart
•    It is possible in size of 4diameter, 5diameter and 6diameter.
•    Red color of canvas and imaginative border
•    Waterproof and UV protected

 Raj Tent suppliers serve very useful tents on economical price. Raj Tents is normally used for any types of occasions. The main goal of Raj Tents is gives high level and smart facilities on affordable costs and all product of this tent is very pretty and comfortable.

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