Major Exporters of Raj Tents.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

The prestigious name in Rajasthan for their canvases they have been offering in India, when Shri Anil Panwar ji, set the base of raj tents Designs, which is now lead by his raj tent company.
Raj loves the popularity of being one of the leading lease companies offering equipment for a variety of activities such as well-known marriages, corporats parties, Rajput Weddings and best venues Raj tents also increase their business, being major exporters of tents. Providers of tent, they also increase their opportunity, being major exporters of canvases. Providers of tents, marquees, traditional tents and commercial maruqee, Raj tents Offshore is known for their excellent solutions and quality.
The leading brand "Kirti Creations". Our stock varies from styles designed for a lawn barbeque, to a down supper for countless numbers. Our long experience in offering tented housing for all types of activities allows us to help you choose the one, which best matches your activities. wood made furniture. Wooden copies in bamboo, rosewood and maple of the grandmasters have become a part of our information.


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